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Irene Vieane, her daughter, her two grandchildren, two dogs and two horses are Camp Fire survivors. They lost everything in the fire and have decided to relocate to Idaho where Irene's daughter has a opportunity to work full time.  Irene's daughter drove the family up to Idaho to look for a home and meet her new boss. During this trip, a truck drove them off the road in icy conditions - failing to stop to check on them despite the fact that their car flipped three times. Irene's two grandkids and dogs were pinned in the truck. Her daughter had to break the windshield to get them out. They were in the hospital and then in a hotel for four days. They all suffered from cuts and bruises. And Irene's daughter now has a horrible concussion and several broken ribs. Her truck was also totaled and she only had liability insurance to cover the damages.


Needless to say, the Vieane Family has now suffered two major losses and endured two frightening events. Including Irene's grandchildren - her grandson is only 6 years old and her granddaughter is 17. Her grandson and daughter are now understandably suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from these events. 


The Vieane family needs your help. Irene's daughter is now afraid to drive long distances - while they are considering taking a train to relocate, they have no way to currently haul their two horses. Please consider helping the Vieane family by making monetary donations to their Venmo account or by contacting us at campfirerelieffunds@gmail.com if you are able to provide them with any other assistance.