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Please continue to support the St.Pierre family by donating to their gofundme page and/or purchasing something for them off of their amazon wishlist. 

Michelle and Jeffery (aka Zenergy and Squee) evacuated at 6:30 am with no warning other than a friend texting Zenergy to tell her she could stay with her if she needed to. Michelle was surprised and wondered what was going on. Then she noticed how smokey it was outside. Then their neighbor came over and told them it was serious and they needed to leave immediately. So, Zenergy and Squee grabbed a change of clothes and their dogs and left their home for the last time. They sat in four and a half hour traffic while literally being chased by the fire on both sides of the road. It is usually only a 25-minute drive. The whole town was ablaze by the time they got out. 


The St.Pierre's are a family of four: two adults and two fur babies. Zenergy and Squee have two Yorkie mixes that are the light of their lives. Zenergy is a disabled artist and Squee works at a call center and supports the family. They do have insurance as they had just bought their first home 2 years ago. But so far it's been a madhouse - FEMA denied them any funds. And Red Cross and other organizations haven't been able/willing to help them either. 

Currently, Zenergy and Squee have secured housing in an apartment and have left the hotel they had been confined to since the fire. With the support of the community and other donors, they are on the road to recovery.