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Please help the Santos Family by donating to Sarah Santos' gofundme page, facebook donation page, or send funds directly to her venmo account: @sarah-santos-27


Sarah Santos almost did not make it out of Paradise. She was stuck in traffic on one of the only roads leading out of town. Flames were quickly surrounding her car. As she watched the people in front of her get out of their cars to run, she remembered there was another back street she could try to reach. She turned her car around but then found herself in another line of cars. One of the lanes wasn't being used to allow emergency responders to get up to Paradise, but Sarah did not see any responders, so she took a risk and used the lane to get out of town. Several other cars followed her lead. They all made it out alive. 

Three days later, Sarah received confirmation that her entire street was leveled by the fire. Everything the Santos' owned was turned to ash; every baby picture, every soccer trophy, every piece of her babies' artwork was gone. 

Sarah is currently a nursing student. She was heartbroken at the thought of having to leave her program so that she could provide housing for her girls. However, thanks to the love and support of her friends, she found a temporary housing situation that would allow her to stay in school. Despite the chaos and destruction that has surrounded her since the fire, Sarah has not missed a single class.