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Please send paypal donations to janet77816@aol.com

In 2015, Janette Murray moved from Santa Cruz to Paradise to live with her father after she was placed on disability due to chronic illness. On the morning of the Camp Fire, Janette had been struggling with insomnia and saw a post on Facebook about a small fire in Pulga. She told her dad about it "just in case". But not 5 minutes later, around 7:45 a.m., they received an emergency notification to evacuate immediately. They scrambled to get their three large dogs and three cats loaded into the car, and they left with just the clothes on their backs. They turned off their little cul-de-sac on Salida Circle and headed towards Pentz road. At that point, Pentz had already been closed down so they were unable to exit that way. The air was thick with black smoke and the only visible lights were from car headlights and the oncoming flames from the fire.


They turned up Pentz Road towards Pearson and turned left into a sea of parked cars also filled with people trying to evacuate. Thousands of cars stood at a stand still. People were wandering from car to car chatting, smoking cigarettes and leaving their vehicles unattended. Cars began to overheat from the nearing flames.  Finally, the multiple merging lanes of vehicles slowly moved as other people turned down Clark Road to exit down the mountain. It took three plus hours to move the few miles to get to Clark Road. While the Murrays drove down Clark, they could see the flames as they licked up the side of the gorge making it's way toward them and the town of Paradise. They continued to creep along until officials opened both sides of the road to evacuate all residents as quickly as possible.

While grateful to be alive, Janette and her father lost everything in the fire.  Now that they have overcome the initial shock of this tragedy, they are faced with a hard adjusted to life post-fire. Janette's brother also lost everything in the fire and made the tough decision to move to Idaho to start over.  Janette's father decided to go with him, but this has left Janette alone without a permanent home.

Because Janette is unable to work due to her disability and physical limitations, she really needs help finding a place to live.  Janette's fundraiser had been focused on raising funds to get her a used 5th wheel trailer and truck as a baseline. While Jannette has successfully obtained a trailer to live in, she quickly discovered that the seller failed to disclose that the roof was rotting due to previous water damage.  Subsequently, she has to replace the entire roof which has been another financial set-back.  Additional funds being raised will now be used to get her set up as self-sufficient as possible. 

Please help Janette by donating directly to her paypal account (janet77816@aol.com) and/or by purchasing something for her off of her amazon wishlist lists.  One list is for her and the other is for her pets.  Every single donation really does make a difference. Together, we can make miracles happen. Thank you.