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To hear more about the Mouton's harrowing story, please watch the video below. 

April and Shane almost lost their lives on November 8, 2018 when the fires in Paradise, California overtook their neighborhood. They fled their home for safety only to get trapped in the firestorm in their vehicle.  At one point, a police officer ran over to their car and told them they would need to get out and run for their lives.  In the end, a good Samaritan came to their rescue and put them in the back of their pick-up truck and got them out of there.

But, there is a bigger story to all of this.  Shane and April were just married over a year ago. Immediately after, April became deathly sick and the couple had to postpone their honeymoon to Disneyland.  After a year of being in and out of hospitals, April was finally diagnosed with Lupus.  She started regain strength as she still dreamed of her honeymoon with Shane. Finally, just a couple of weeks ago, April and Shane were able to get to Disneyland. April and Shane were always positive, strong and grateful to others during this time.   

Days after their return, they were running for their lives from the fire.  They have lost their home, vehicle, their town and much more. April and Shane need your help with medication, living costs, travel expenses and starting a new chapter.  

Please give back to these amazing heroes by donating directly to their gofundme page by clicking on the button below.