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You can read more about the Rock House and see additional pre-Camp Fire pictures at Rockhousehwy70.com


Karen and MacGowan purchased the Rock House property in March 2014 knowing it would be a lot of work and expense. It was originally built in 1937 with the use of horse and wagon to source its rocks. It needed a lot of love as it sat in disrepair for a number of years before the MacGowan's took ownership. They put their heart and soul into the property and were able to bring the Rock House vibrantly back to life - opening the coffee shop less than a year later in February 2015. Karen credits David with this achievement as he continually worked on cleaning up the 5000 square foot building to make space for its game rooms and seating by the fireplace. He had also cleared brush and used fire retardant and hardy backer for walls in the workshop and stable. Folks from all over admired his work.

The historic Rock House under the MacGowan's ownership had a beautiful garden patio, a well-lit cross on the hill, great espresso, delicious wine tastings and a welcoming environment. 

But before the sun even rose on November 8, this historic landmark along with the MacGowan's home, equipment, income and life savings was in ruins.

Only the patio, well and coffeeshop survived the Camp Fire. Everything else burned. And all that remains of the historic Rock House is its original 18" thick stone walls.


While the MacGowan's would love to begin rebuilding as soon as possible, they have nothing left to put into the rebuild as it was not covered by fire insurance. So their home, chickens and workshop are considered lost. Recently, the MacGowan's have secured a small trailer to live in while they rebuild. Their next goal is to get a roof back on the Rock House's massive rock walls. To accomplish this, they need permits, an engineer to check the foundation of the building, and additional walls. 

Please help the MacGowan family rebuild their historic Rock House by donating to their gofundme page. If you are able to help out the MacGowan's in any other way -i.e., get their permits, check the foundation of the Rock House, provide additional building material, etc. - please contact us at campfirerelieffunds@gmail.com