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Like many other families, the Stanley family never imagined that November 8th would be the last day in their home. They lost their home, their cars and two other properties they owned. They had also just remodeled their home. Jeremiah and Guelsy only had enough time to get their kids, Justin (6) and Walter (3), out and escape from the flames. Three hours later they got confirmation that their entire neighborhood was reduced to ashes. Jeremiah's place of work was also destroyed as well as Walter's preschool. 


The Guelsys didn't save anything, but thanks to the generosity of friends they have been taken care of.  Since the fire, the Jeremiah and Guelsy have been able to secure a condo in Chico for their family.  Justin has been able to stay at his school Ponderosa which has now been relocated to Durham. And Guelsy is continuing her studies at Chico State. 

As the continue to work towards normalcy, please consider supporting the Stanley family by donating to their gofundme campaign or by purchasing something for them off their amazon wishlist.