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November 8th, 2018 was the day that forever changed Melissa Dixon’s life. At the time, she was 7.5 months pregnant. Her husband took their other kids to school because Melissa was sick that morning. But when he came home, he was concerned after dropping them off because it looked like there was a fire outside. Not really knowing the scope of the situation, Melissa grabbed her phone and went on Facebook. After seeing posts about the fire, they both jumped into their car and rushed to their kids’ schools. By the time they got to Ponderosa Elementary, Melissa’s sister called her crying – she was being evacuated but was stranded with her two daughters (she was also 7.5 months pregnant). As quickly as possible, Melissa and her husband went to pick them up and then headed to get their son from Paradise Elementary.


When they got everyone back to the house, they told their kids to grab a bag of clothes while Melissa tried to find their emergency paperwork. Within ten minutes, a neighbor was pounding at their door yelling that they needed to leave immediately. The Dixon’s left everything, got into their car and started to try to get down Clark road.

When they got to the windy pass, her kids began to scream. She turned around and saw that the fire was coming up from behind them towards the car.


All Melissa can remember is praying to God to get them out safely. By the grace of God, they were able to make it out. And on December 28th, Melissa had a beautiful baby girl.


The Dixon’s were unable to return to their home until January 24th. They already knew it was a total loss because they had seen footage of their home. But seeing it in person was very difficult for the family. The Dixon’s are currently staying in Reno with Melissa’s in-laws. They were the only family members that did not live in Paradise. Now they are trying to get back to some normalcy and show their children that God has a bigger plan for them. But, unfortunately, they did not have insurance and are need of help getting back on their feet.


You can help the Dixon family by donating directly to their PayPal account or gofundme page and/or by purchasing them an item from their Amazon wish list.