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The Burns family has been devastated by the Camp Fire in Butte County, California. They lost everything. Although they still have each other, and that is a huge blessing, they could use help now with restarting their lives. Ashley and her husband, Kevin, were in Chico when they saw the smoke and became aware of what was going on. Their first thought was to jump in the car to go rescue their 11-year-old daughter who was at school, but it quickly became apparent that they could not get there. It was a surreal feeling of helplessness. The fire was moving so fast that the schools' primary goal was to get the children in any vehicle and get them as far away from the fire as possible.  A neighbor was there picking up her three children and took the Burns' daughter along with her.  At one point, the car had gotten so hot they all jumped out and started to run on foot, but that proved to be more dangerous so they got back in the car.  Initially, Ashley and Kevin had contact with their daughter and they tried to calm them all down, but soon after the connection failed.  What is normally a 20 minute drive became the longest 3 hours of their lives. But eventually their daughter did arrive safe and sound. 

The Burns have gone to San Jose because they have relatives there. They are looking to start over and hope to get back to some sort of normal.  Please consider helping EVEN if it's just a $1. Anything and EVERYTHING is helpful right now. The Burns ask that if you can't help financially please just send your positive thoughts and prayers their way and, if you can, please share their story.