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Please help the Walton Family by reading their story and donating to their gofundme page below. 


Tammy Walton moved to Paradise in 2003 with her two young sons.  At the time, Tammy was having a life crisis and came to stay with her younger sister and her family.  Just three months after moving to Paradise, Tammy suffered a complete nervous breakdown.  After this, she spent the next few years slowly regaining her life bit by bit and piece by piece.  After spending time in therapy, she began to work on the areas in her life that were not working; she had to overcome many fears and anxieties. But eventually, Tammy began to get out into the community.  She started going to church, volunteering in the community and even attending town meetings.  She had taken up painting and loved to leave painted rocks in random places around Paradise because it made people smile.  As she healed, she grew to love the people in her community and they became her friends and extended family.  Tammy finally felt like her life was beginning to look like something good.  So, when the Camp Fire destroyed Paradise, it not only destroyed her home and all of her possessions, but it also took away her hard-earned support system.


Tammy and her husband, Jonathon, managed to get out with their pet’s and their roommate's dog but not much else.  Three days after the evacuation, Tammy got a call from the Red Bluff Hospital.  They told her they had her 74-year-old  Dad, Bill - who also had to evacuate Paradise - and that she needed to come get him. 


Now it is the three of them (Tammy, Jonathon and Bill) and their two small dogs and cat. The Waltons' did not have insurance and have not qualified for much else. Despite having an honorable discharge from the Oregon Army National Guard, Tammy does not qualify for VA assistance because she was never activated to active duty. And they are still waiting to hear back from FEMA.  Jonathon is 25 hours short of being a certified massage therapist.  He has been trained in five modalities of massage including trigger point and myofascial. He was also working as a computer technician, yard maintenance worker, small-home repairman, and he had worked as an In Home Care Provider, but all of his clients and equipment were in Paradise when the Camp Fire occurred.  Between them all, they have $1700 - which they only expect to stretch over a month or so.


On top of this, finding a more permanent housing situation for the Waltons has been an extreme struggle.  Currently, they have been able to temporarily stay at a church in Biggs, CA.  But because Tammy's father has COPD and Tammy has Celiac Disease and Fibromyalgia, finding a new place to live has been extremely difficult because the environment they are in matters as air pollutants and cross food contamination threaten their health everyday.  Additionally, while Tammy and Jonathon's credit score is around 700, Bill has no credit. The Waltons are attempting to build up Bill's credit by adding them to their credit cards, but in the meantime they are in desperate need of stable , clean and safe housing.   

Please consider helping the Walton family by donating to their gofundme page by clicking on the button above or below.  Additionally, if you are able to help the Waltons with their housing dilemna, please contact us at campfirerelieffunds@gmail.com.